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"COVID-19 can spread anywhere, even places where you feel safe, like your home. If even one person in your household gets COVID-19, it can spread to others in your home."

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

We are Dedicated to Making Your Home Safe!

We have 3 solutions to ensure your home is safe and COVID SAFE.

Entrance Sanitization & Sterilization

Neutralized all viral and bacterial hazards at your door step!

A must have for every household, transform the entrance space in your house so that all external pathogens, viruses or bacteria are neutralized.

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Isolation Room Build

Isolate people, parcels, or anything in our state of the art UV cleansed room.

Be it a loved one who is sick or groceries that you just brought home, this option sets up a room to isolate or quarantine any possible risk to your family’s health until the threat has passed.

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ICU Room Build

Be fully prepared!

Transform an entire room into a ICU (Intensive Care Unit) to handle to most severe of health emergencies.

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